A3S Protocol
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Receive, send assets, transfer ownership

You can also follow the instruction below step by step👇
1.Click My Address after launching the app.
Click My Address
2.Find the address from the list and enter the detailed page of this address.
Choose the Address

How to receive assets

1.Click the Receive button.
Click Receive button
2.Scroll down the page and you will see QR code and address to copy. Share it with others and let them send you assets.
Share address to the payer
Obviously, if you don’t need QR code, you may directly copy a certain A3S address from the addresses list or in the detailed page of the address.

How to send assets

1.Click the Send button in the detailed page of address.
Click Send button
2.Input information of receiver’s address, token type and amount.
Paste receiver's address
Select the type of asset
Select the amount of asset
Confirm to send

How to transfer address ownership

1.Click the toggle box to select the address you want to transfer from the list.
Select the address
2.Click Transfer Ownership
Click Transfer Ownership button
3. Input the receiver address in the popup window.
Paste receiver's address
4.Click OK to confirm.
Confirm the transfer
5.Another way is to click the transfer button in the detailed page of address. Input receiver address and confirm.