How to get an A3S address?

You can log in to our official website (https://www.a3sprotocol.xyz/) to claim A3S address. https://pow.a3sprotocol.xyz/#/ Here you can mint a customized vanity address.

What can I do with my A3S Contract Address?

Just like your regular wallet addresses, you can make regular token and NFT transactions via A3S addresses. Also, you can use A3S addresses on other DApps through WalletConnect. Unlike your regular wallet addresses, A3S addresses can be directly transferred to others by giving the owner NFTs. A3S address is also tradable on OpenSea.

Can an account only mint one A3S address?

Users are able to mint as many A3S addresses as they want.

How can I trade my A3S address?

Each A3S address has a unique owner NFT. By trading the owner NFT, users can trade the ownership and full access to corresponding A3S address. Now you can trade your owner NFT on OpenSea. Official OS links: https://opensea.io/collection/a3sprotocol https://opensea.io/collection/a3sprotocol-ethereum

What is the difference between a contract address and a wallet address?

A very important background knowledge is that Ethereum and other EVM chains have two types of address: Smart Contract Address and EOA(External Owned Address). Our Metamask address is called wallet address or EOA. The big difference between EOA address and smart contract address is that an EOA address has an associated private key to sign the transaction. You need to keep your 12 words seed phrase safely when using EOA address. Smart contract addresses do not have private keys. Smart contract addresses can only react to incoming transactions that perform certain smart contract functions. Due to the existence of smart contracts, contract addresses have more possibilities in terms of receiving and sending assets. For example: multi-signature wallet (Gnosis safe); social recovery wallet (Argent); and ownership transferable address(A3S Protocol).

What is the relationship between Owner NFT and A3S addresses?

Each A3S address, which essentially is contract address, has a unique owner NFT as a controller. With the owner NFT you have access to all assets in the address.

As a user, how can I keep my A3S contract address safe without a private key?

A3S contract address has no private key and can only be controlled by the holder of the unique corresponding Owner NFT. The A3S Protocol is open source and is being officially audited by Certik. https://www.certik.com/projects/a3s-protocol.

What is salt? Why do you need a salt? What are the risks of salt being lost or known to others?

Salt is a string used to generate the exact same addresses on different chains. If you prefer to have the addresses look the same across different chains, you will need to use the same Salt when creating them.

Will A3S have its own token?

Tokenomics is one of the biggest innovations in the crypto world. The development of A3S needs to rely on the community and DAO governance, and we believe that tokens will play a crucial role in this process. We want to consider it carefully and launch A3S token at a suitable time in the future.

Which network does A3S support?

For now we support Polygon and Ethereum, and will definitely support multi-chains later.

Does the project has a Telegram group?

The telegram group is on the to-do list and there is no official group on Telegram for now.

Is it profitable to do things for the community? What do I need to do?

We will definitely make sure you get rewarded, and the benefits you get will depend on your contributions. We need community moderating, localization translation, business cooperation, poster design, etc.

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