❄️Mint & Roll to Earn $AA

Round2 game on zkSync Era

The second round of the $AA token distribution through the MQE mechanism will launch on zkSync Era.

Remind to add zkSync Era Network to your wallet.

  • Network Name: zkSync Era Mainnet

  • RPC URL: https://mainnet.era.zksync.io

  • Chain ID: 324

  • Currency Symbol: ETH

  • Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.zksync.io/

Taking into account community feedback, this round has made some rule changes with the objectives of increasing strategic/gameplay appeal, decentralization, and deepening the understanding of the concept A3S seeks to convey on the path of abstraction.

The Snowball game is a strategy game. Users need to adopt their own strategies to maximize their success in the game.

Users can mint kernels and roll the snowballs in line. Then receive $AA rewards when their snowballs are pushed out of the queue and fall into the abyss.

So the main process includes the following:


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