Snowballs ➡️ $AA

Fall in Abyss and Earn $AA

When rolling in line, you grow your snowballs. When falling in the Abyss, you get your rewards.

When being pushed out of the queue and falling into the Abyss, the mystery power would reward you with $AA based on the snowball weight and the Abyss Heat.

The rewarding principle

AArewards=snowballweight0.9FAA rewards=snowball weight*0.9^F

Abyss Heat

HereFF is the Abyss Heat, and F>=0F>=0. The initial Abyss Heat is 0, meaning Finitial=0F_{initial}=0.

During the public rolling phase, once the number of snowballs that fall into the abyss in one term is less than 100, the Abyss can not get enough cold power, causing the Abyss Heat to increase by 1.

For every 100 snowballs that fall into the Abyss in one term, the Abyss Heat will get down by 1 immediately, until the Abyss Heat is 0.

So, if the Abyss Heat is higher than 0, the snowballs would melt a bit, resulting in fewer $AA rewards.

Once falling in Abyss, the amount of $AA rewards will be automatically calculated. Users need to claim the rewards within 24 hours, or the rewards will expire. And 50% of the $AA will be sent to the lucky pool, and 50% will be sent to the A3S Treasury.

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