A3S Protocol
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Start with minting a kernel
When rolling a snowball, it is essential to 'Start small and grow big'.
Therefore, users need to pay 0.01 ETH to mint a cold kernel first and then roll the kernel to grow into a giant snowball.
This kernel is actually the owner NFT of an A3S address. It not only acts as a mandatory NFT for participating in the game but also functions as a fully operational NFT-gated smart contract address.
You will be able to view this kernel NFT in your wallet, which includes the following traits:
  1. 1.
    Token ID: The sequence of minting this NFT (first minted NFT with the Token ID #1)
  2. 2.
    A3S Address: The unique smart contract address that this NFT can control (the address shows on the NFT pic and name)
#1000 kernel
The NFTs with under 1,000 tokenID are all reserved for rewarding users (0xAA Raffle).
These 1,000 A3S smart contract addresses start with 0xAA.