Start with minting a kernel

When rolling a snowball, it is essential to 'Start small and grow big'.

Therefore, users need to pay 0.01 ETH to mint a cold kernel first and then roll the kernel to grow into a giant snowball.

This kernel is actually the owner NFT of an A3S address. It not only acts as a mandatory NFT for participating in the game but also functions as a fully operational NFT-gated smart contract address.

You will be able to view this kernel NFT in your wallet, which includes the following traits:

  1. Token ID: The sequence of minting this NFT (first minted NFT with the Token ID #1)

  2. A3S Address: The unique smart contract address that this NFT can control (the address shows on the NFT pic and name)

The NFTs with under 1,000 tokenID are all reserved for rewarding users (0xAA Raffle).

These 1,000 A3S smart contract addresses start with 0xAA.

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