3-Year Plan

Plan 2022-2025

2022 Q3

  • The official launch of A3S Protocol V1.0 with contract deployment on Polygon Establishment of official Twitter & Discord

  • New product feature of Walletconnect

2022 Q4

  • A3S V2.0 product update, supporting Ethereum Mainnet

  • New product application of POW address minting - users can mint their customized address

2023 Q1

  • Upgrade of A3S Version 3.0 with free-trial features

  • Direct access to DApps embedded within A3S

  • Launch of community member credit system

2023 Q2

  • Roll out Incentive Mechanism, allowing users to take part in the mint to earn event and be rewarded with $AA token

  • Deployment of contracts on new chains

2023 Q3

  • Contract optimization to reduce gas fees

2023 Q4

  • Strategic associations with DApps offering A3S account services


  • Development of new scenario-oriented protocols

  • Development of new scenario-oriented A3S Smart NFTs

  • Compatible with ERC-4337

  • Customize extensions that aim to improve user experience

  • Build A3S DAO


  • Form public norms for developing A3S Smart NFTs

  • Provide an open market of A3S Smart NFTs

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