POW-Customize your address

Minting your preferred address

In our Proof of Work (POW) minting page you can choose the address you would like to mint. The time to mint a specific address could range from a few seconds to an unknown period based on the complexity and rarity of the address.

Mining special numbers

I like a specific type of number, I could choose to mint it with special characters for example I want an address with “Error 404” it could take me a very long time to mint, and I can only mint with the special characters tool. This allow you to customize your address which is limited to all numbers and the letters “a to f”. So, if you want address with “Boss” or “Error 404” you need some creativity to create it like “b055” or “e7707404”.

Mining a specific date

There are currently 2 format of dates you could mint, either by MM-DD or YYYY-MM-DD. If there are a different format of date you prefer, you could use special character for example DD-MM-YY. Minting date address would be slightly easier as compared to minting special characters because the system could find date anywhere within the wallet address but for special characters, we could only search for the front or back of the wallet address.

Name Your Wallet

When you claim an address, by default it will be named as “Account”. It is strongly recommended that you name each address based on what you are using the wallet for!

You could name A3S wallet based on the special number you have minted. (E.g I have minted a wallet with a special date (23/04/2021). The day I managed to mint a Bored Ape Yatch Club NFT, I could name the wallet BAYC and store all BAYC related NFT in that wallet.)

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