A3S Protocol

Mint A3S POW address

You can also mint A3S POW address following the instruction below step by step👇
POW address is a customized vanity address empowered by A3S protocol. You are able to define an address having specific strings. For example, you can customize an address that contains a long repeated lucky number, a meaningful date, even an all-number address.
Examples for customized address
1.Open POW address mint page. The Network by default is Ethereum, you can choose your preferred network on the right top of page.Then click Connect Wallet and choose your wallet.
Choose network
Connect wallet to start
2.Follow the guidance and select 1 type of customized address. For example, I want to mint an address with my lucky number 8. Select the number and click on the hammer icon to start.
Customized your address and start mining
3.Check the progress on the right side:It takes 24 seconds to mint a qualified address containing repeated number 8, and we already have 19 addresses in the list. Re-click the hammer icon to stop mining.
Stop mining
4.Scroll down the web page to see the mined list. Select the most favorite one from the list and click Claim. You can also choose several addresses and click Multiple Claim.
Select one or multiple address to claim
5.Then confirm the transaction in your wallet.
Comfirm the transaction
6.Now you are able to share it on Twitter or view it back on A3S.
Show off your customized address on twitter
View your customized address on A3S