Manage your addresses

You can also follow the instruction below step by step👇

Rename an address

1.Open My Address page, click the pencil icon besides the address you want to rename.

2.Then write the new name in the box and click the green tick.

3.Finish signature in your wallet.

4.You can also rename it in the detailed page of address.

Categorize your addresses

1.Open My Address page and click on New Category.

2.Name the category you created and click confirm.

3.Confirm the signature in your wallet.

4.Select the address from the list by clicking the toggle box.

5.Click Move to and select the category folder you want.

6.Sign it in wallet to finish the step.

7.Now you can see the moved address in the new category list and in the All addresses list. Simply click the tab to switch between categories.

Search your address

Search your address

Type your keywords in the search bar. It could be the address name or the customized string in the address.

Example of search address name:

Example of search special string:

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