Grow Your Snowballs

start small and grow big

When rolling in the queue, the snowball will become bigger and bigger. The snowball's weight grows in the following rules.

The Base Snowball Weight Formula

Snowballweightbase=logNdifnowprSnowballweight_{base}= log _N^{{dif}_{now}}*p*r

difnowdif_{now} indicates the current difference between the largest ID and the user's kernel ID

difnow=IDallIDuser+1.1dif_{now} =ID_{all}-ID_{user}+1.1

  • IDallID_{all}: The current largest ID

  • IDuserID_{user}: The ID of this kernel

Staking Bonus

Users can stake 10 $AA for 33 days for each kernel and get a 30% extra bonus weight.

If a user is referred by others, his kernel can get a 5% extra bonus weight.

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