Roll in line and grow your snowball

Once a user owns a kernel, they can start rolling it on the snow track, growing to a large snowball. All kernels that start rolling will join a queue on the snow track in sequence.

There are 1,000 positions on the initial snow track, and each new kernel joins the queue by filling up the vacant positions first until all the positions are occupied. When the queue is full, each newly joined kernel will push all the snowballs forward by 1 position. As a result, the snowball at the head of the queue will fall into the abyss, and the mysterious power in the abyss will grant users $AA rewards based on the weight of the snowball. The longer a snowball stays in the queue on the snow track, the heavier/bigger it grows.

In this round of the game, there will be 2 phases of joining the rolling team

1. WL Rolling (1-6 term)

Term# Max Kernels Allowed For This Term













Total Kernels Allowed in WL Terms


  • The first 6 terms of the game will be the WL Rolling phase.

  • Only kernels that have obtained WL can join the queue and start rolling snowballs.

  • At the start of these 6 WL terms, a limited number of WL kernels can join the queue and start rolling.

  • The WL term operates on a "first-come, first-served" principle. Once the maximum number of kernels for this WL term is reached, users will have to wait for the next WL term to join the queue, aiming to secure a spot before the limit is reached.

  • Users can get the WL spots through the WL Raffle or community activities.

2. Public Rolling (7-99 term)

From the 7th term to the 99th term, the game enters the Public Rolling phase, during which all kernels can freely join the queue without any restrictions.

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