$AA tokens and Mint&Roll event are fully on-chain.

Contract Information on zkSync Era

AA Token Contract: 0xD579AD715Af342c6c9a2693D27e1C76EAefE659a

A3S Owner NFT Collection: 0x8c570044c0ca01e03b2b329476d7c4d26a88839c

Mint&Roll Contract: 0x8980af5fcb301f3f15d6ce79c34afd7b8c5702e0

SP points Contract:0x3EE7eb36707831c5B79f004E14738b703738fa33

Contract Information on Arbitrium

AA Token Contract: 0x4159bc39c8aaa14eCD037993f2AAc6F998b16B61

AA/WETH UniV3 Pool Contract: 0xa30dF5B6c47862CBdc82D9f334D5D7CCe97FBF6c

A3S Owner NFT Collection: 0x04C87B76B73ed706d4AAc567E3adccb994591B1b

Mint Queue Earn Contract(ended): 0xE072CeFD76517d0692F6a4c9B68f762653cab54f

SP points Contract: 0x94383FEDC87e8A2817AcDC20b45Fb2469459D3b1

Notice: SP is only the points rewarded to loyal players in the first round of the game, there is no official pool for SP.

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