A3S Protocol
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What is A3S V1.0?

A3S Protocol V1.0 gives addresses liquidity and integrability, enabling addresses to be securely traded, leased, and escrow. Also, it makes the address an on-chain infrastructure that can be transferred and priced.
Addresses under the A3S Protocol V1.0 standard have the following characteristics:
  • Transferrable

    The control right of the address is separated from the address itself, which can realize the complete transfer of the address.
  • Composable

    Transferable addresses remove limitations in numerous application scenarios, as infrastructure can be combined with different protocols.
  • No private key

    There is no private key in the generation process of transferable addresses, so there is no risk of private key leakage.
  • Applicable to existing NFT infrastructure
    The control rights are separated out to NFTs, so that various existing NFT-based infrastructures can be applied to such addresses