A3S Protocol


Problems of Interaction

Tedious Interaction Experience across Multi-Dapps

In 2014, Ethereum revolutionized the blockchain industry by introducing smart contracts, empowering developers to create a multitude of innovative DApps.
However, ordinary users are often faced with complex and tedious interactions, having to navigate multiple DApps to achieve their desired goals. While developers and scientists can easily streamline these processes through coding and deploying smart contracts, the lack of coding abilities hinders ordinary users from enjoying seamless and efficient interactions. Unless developers have the resources and capabilities to package these functionalities into user-friendly DApps for widespread adoption and profitability, they may lack the incentive to share these simplified features with the general user base.
Complex Interaction
Example of a user with USDC on Arbitrum wants to mint and sell 3 NFTs (one per address) on ZKsync Era:
Complex Interaction Example

Inequality in Smart Contract Adoption Between Ordinary Users and Developers

Some scientists may develop some bots and deploy smart contracts with unique functionalities like flash loans, copy trading, launch sniping, etc., granting them a competitive edge over ordinary users.
This disparity in access to advanced smart contract features acts as an obstacle to the widespread advantage of Ethereum to a more general user base.