A3S Protocol

Mint Queue Earn

build your strategy and earn $AA
This incentive game event initially launches on Arbitrum.
Users only need to mint their A3S addresses and start to queue. The A3S addresses will automatically begin to generate $AA tokens, but tokens can only be claimed when their addresses are popped out of the queue.
Mint Queue Earn Intro


The calculation of how much $AA users can get follows the following formula:
  • Current ID difference
  • difnow=IDallIDuser+1.1dif_{now}=ID_{all}-ID_{user}+1.1
  • the current difference between the total number of A3S address(the largest Owner NFT token ID) and the token ID of the user's A3S address
  • IDallID_{all}
    increases as new A3S addresses are minted,
    is settled as the user's A3S address minted.
  • Early participants encouragement parameter
  • N=1.1+0.1IDuser/100N = 1.1 +0.1* ⌊ID_{user}/100⌋
  • N starts with 1.1 and increases by 0.1 for every 100 A3S addresses.
  • The Fibonacci step function of the address's queuing time
    (start from 0)
  • It changes only when the specified number of days is reached
  • the system adjustment parameter
  • r=4.15r=4.15

Tips for more $AA

  • The smaller your token ID, the more $AA you will get
  • The longer you stay in the queue, the more $AA you will get
  • The more addresses minted after your minting, the more $AA you will get
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